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"Kelly Kozma’s new series, Play Next Episode, combines traditional craft with the painterly language of abstraction. Creating dynamic, organo-geometric drawings, in several works the artist begins by crumbling a piece of paper and then meticulously stitching along the lines created from the various folds. Her rule-based approach underscores the multiple strategies contemporary artists use to generate new imagery. Rather than starting each work with a particular visual outcome in mind, Kozma allows her process to inform the final creative product. She relates the act of making drawings with wrinkled paper to the act of relinquishing and gaining control."

Play Next Episode | Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

Right now I’m at my friend Kelly’s art opening at the DCCA. She’s one of those artist whose work isn’t really internet-friendly. As in, digital photography in no way is able to capture what you are able to see when you stand in front of it. Not that she really minds. A lot of artists I know HATE that their work is able to be so easily disseminated on the internet.

I get into debates about this a lot with artist and designer friends. About the role of the internet in self promotion and their careers, the disconnect between art and art on the internet and reproduction. What the artist owes the viewer, and how internet and visual sharing has changed that relationship.

I’m happy to debate you as well?

— 2 years ago

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